FINALLY!!! Media Mechanic 2.0

It’s finally here: Media Mechanic 2.0 – after MANY years of promising the new site!

Although we have more portfolio pieces to add and additional services pages being drafted, the main site is officially good to go. You will find all sorts of goodies to read on Media Mechanic 2.0 such as team bio, owner bio, testimonials, portfolios, services and more.

I want to give a special thanks to my partner-in-crime Judith Espino for her help so I could finish it.

Judith was recently promoted to Operations Manager. So she has been taking more of the day-to-day project management so I can focus on sales & marketing. Of course this meant finally rebuilding our ancient website along with re-working our marketing materials.

After 9 years, we finally retired the old site. Wow….. bitter sweet. I started designing the graphics on MM 1.0 nine years ago July. What started off as a personal portfolio site to land a job, turned into our corporate website. After nine years of company growth, the old site really became a bit of an embarrassment. But much like other small businesses, making the time to work on your own materials can be hard (especially when client’s are expecting you to meet your deadlines). But this year, we finally set aside the time to make a proper corporate website that reflects who we are now.

I am hopeful Media Mechanic will continue to grow for another 10 years. We have made great improvements over the last few years to how we do business. We have improved our team, how we manage projects, our skill set, our software, and now our marketing. Clients have been very receptive to our improvements so far. This year we are working on improving our team even more. We are working on improving our record keeping further, and adjusting our pay structure to better accommodate the various skill sets we use on projects.

Thanks to all of you for your continued business and support.