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  • 2017

  • When to Custom Build a Bespoke Website

    Do You Need To Build A Custom Website?

    A bespoke website is a custom built website or web application tailor-made to the specific demands of your business. They are custom designed & built by experienced professionals such as GUI/UX designers and programmers. These professionals will spend time analyzing requirements, developing concepts, architecting data, designing interfaces, coding functionality and testing. It can be time consuming and costly.

    Until a few years ago, there was no need to differentiate between bespoke and non-bespoke websites. Nearly all websites were built bespoke. However with the explosive growth of website systems like WordPress or online DIY tools, the percentage of custom built websites has been steadily declining. The average small business no longer needs to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a bespoke site from an agency. If all that is needed is a small marketing website, many hire a local graphic designer to build something on the cheap. We strongly counsel against this. Even if you want a WordPress site you should hire an experienced web developer who knows the web inside & out.

    So when do you need a bespoke website? How much should you expect to spend on a bespoke website? What are the pros & cons?

  • Should you use WordPress or build a custom website?

    So you are in the market for a new website.

    The question is, should you build it from scratch or use something like WordPress to create it? Let’s outline a fairly generic scenario:

    1. You need a new website
    2. You are on a budget, so cost is an issue
    3. Functionality beyond just an “online brochure” is needed
    4. You want control of your website
    5. An eye catching design that looks professional is very important to you
    6. You don’t want to wait 6 months to launch it

    Sound familiar? You are not alone.

  • 2016

  • iPhone or Android? Which is good for you?

    iPhone or Android?

    A common question I get asked (occupational hazard): “You’re a smart-phone guy… which do you think is better? iPhone or Android phones? Which should I get?”.

    Here is my honest answer: “it depends”.

    This is really a two part question I will discuss over the next two articles. The first part is which phone is right for you to USE. The second part is directed at clients: which platform should you BUILD for.

  • Bossman back from Japan vacation


    Well that was fun. My wife and I just got back from our 10 day vacation to Japan as part of my Aikido federation‘s training trip (outside of Media Mechanic, I am an Aikido martial arts instructor). This was our first long term vacation in nearly 10 years. This was our way of celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary.

    We spent four days at Ki Society World Headquarters while I participated in Aikido training with the world’s top Ki Aikido Master. Afterwards we traveled for six days of site seeing around Japan. It was fantastic and refreshing. We were able to visit Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo in addition to the prefect that our Aikido Federation’s World Headquarter’s is located in. Japan is a truly beautiful country with wonderfully polite people. We highly recommend visiting when you can.

  • New project portfolios coming shortly

    Hello again!

    As the new Media Mechanic site comes online, we are still adding additional content. Our Website & Mobile App portfolios have been loaded up with a cross section of various projects from over the years. Our “services” section has also come online. We are in the process of assembling an “Other Projects” section for the portfolio which consists of our past DVD-Rom development work, TV Commercials, 3D illustrations and various print items we have done over the years. Although, most clients use us as a resource for websites and mobile development, so we focused our efforts there.

  • FINALLY!!! Media Mechanic 2.0

    It’s finally here: Media Mechanic 2.0 – after MANY years of promising the new site!

    Although we have more portfolio pieces to add and additional services pages being drafted, the main site is officially good to go. You will find all sorts of goodies to read on Media Mechanic 2.0 such as team bio, owner bio, testimonials, portfolios, services and more.

    I want to give a special thanks to my partner-in-crime Judith Espino for her help so I could finish it.

  • 2015

  • 7 years and counting…

    Wow – did that year fly by. Media Mechanic doubled in business, adding such high profile names as AWI, Western Family Foods and Indow Windows. We look forward to continuing to grow. We also have several changes to the business we will be rolling out over the next few months, so stay tuned!

  • 2014

  • Celebrating 6 years!

    Media Mechanic is celebrating 6 years in business!

    Over the last six years, we have grown from a one man operation in a basement studio (in Michigan), to our current 9 man (and growing) team located in our comfy offices in beautiful Portland Oregon.

  • 2013

  • New Media Mechanic Website Coming

    Hello everyone! We just wanted to give visitors a heads up. After 5 1/2 years in business, and a design that was created 6 years ago, Media Mechanic will finally be re-designing it’s corporate website. It has served us well (and much longer than anticipated), but it is time for something new.

  • 2012