MM moving from Grand Rapids to Portland

Media Mechanic has moved from Grand Rapids Michigan to Portland Oregon. The new contact information is effective immediately. What this means to you as a client of Media Mechanic:

Project rates: Although Media Mechanic may eventually increase its hourly rate to all new clients to compensate for the slightly higher costs associated with doing business on the West Coast, this will NOT impact rates for CURRENT clients. We will honor your existing rates. You will not pay a penny more for your services than you have been paying all along.

Hosting Rates: There will be no change to hosting rates for the foreseeable future. Package rates will remain $5, $10 and $15 per month.

Hours of Operation: Because the majority of current Media Mechanic clients do business during Eastern Time and Central Time, Media Mechanic will continue to operate on the EST time model for the immediate future. But there will eventually be a time shift to compensate for the new Pacific Time zone Media Mechanic is located in. I am currently anticipating a shift to Mountain Time to split the difference so Media Mechanic would then operate 2 hours behind EST (9am MT is 11am EST and 8am PMT). THIS DOES NOT IMPACT THE 24 HOUR SUPPORT OFFERED TO ALL HOSTING CLIENTS. YOU WILL NOT EXPERIENCE ANY DOWNTIME IN SERVICES RELATED TO THE MOVE. GUARANTEED.

As you can see, this will have very little impact on business for the immediate future I hope all of you will continue to use Media Mechanic for your web development and hosting services.

THE NEW CONTACT INFO (new fax number soon) :

Media Mechanic
PO Box 422
Tualatin OR,

(971) 404-6829

Media Mechanic