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Media Mechanic is owned by 4 time award winning designer/developer Paul Ward

Thank you for visiting and taking time to learn more about us.

My name is Paul Ward. I am the founder and owner of Media Mechanic. I believe it is essential for potential clients to understand the character of a company before hiring them. We are more than just a list of products, services and prices. We are a team committed to working as your partner.

So who am I? I am a four time award winning designer/developer with over 18 years of experience in web design, web development, SEO, mobile app development and digital marketing. I have worked at both the corporate level and as a successful entrepreneur.

After art school I formed two successful companies: First I was co-owner of the award winning multimedia agency BlackBOX; Later I served as co-founder & Marketing Director of the development firm BizStream. After BizStream, I served as a web development specialist & design consultant for Amway for several years. I formed Media Mechanic in 2007 and have been building it ever since.

If you are interested in learning more about me, I have provided a little background information below. I hope this will help you to decide if Media Mechanic is the right fit for you.

Family Life

Family is the dominant force in my life.

I was raised by two loving parents in a close-knit Midwestern home of 5 children (1 brother & 3 sisters). Born the eldest in an artistic & musically inspired middle class home, I understand the importance of leadership, creativity, and hard work.

In 2006 I married my wife Nicole. We met back in middle school. We had our first child Susan in 2007 and our son Jaxon followed in 2013. Being a Father who can provide a good life for his family is my central motivation in all that I do.

Aikido Instructor

The martial art of Aikido is a core component of who I am.

I am a 2nd Degree certified black belt in the martial art of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. I have a black belt in Ki Development and was certified as an Assistant Ki Lecturer & Assistant Examiner of the International Ki Society. I began & continue my training at the Northwest Ki Federation headquarters in Tigard, Oregon. In 2016, I trained at the Ki Society World Headquarters under the the world’s top Ki-Aikido instructor Shinichi Tohei Sensei. In 2019, I attended the National Instructor’s Conference.

In 2015, I founded the non-profit West Linn Ki Aikido dojo. There I volunteer my time teaching Aikido to children and adults. The dojo has grown to over 50 students with ages ranging from 4 to 50. Next to my own family, my students are the thing I am most proud of in life.

In additional to my training with the Oregon Ki Society, I am a former student of world renowned self defense instructor Rory Miller and top national firearms instructor Grant Cunningham. I hold nearly a dozen various certifications in self defense & firearms from top certified instructors & law enforcement.

Musician of 20 Years

Wards come from a long line of artists and musicians. Music has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I have studied saxophone, drums, guitar and bass in a wide variety of genres. I have won five Michigan state competition metals. In 2006, I had the honor of playing for Michigan’s Governor during her re-election celebration. I have toured five states across the midwest.

During my music career I released seven albums selling over 5000 copies. My songs received radio play on six stations across Michigan. I have been interviewed or reviewed by every major newspaper and music magazine in the midwest. I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of great musical teams that allowed me to accomplish this life goal.

In 2007, I left my last band to focus on my career, wife and our new family. I look forward to returning to music in the next few years as an instructor to pass along my experience to a younger generation.


I believe hobbies say a lot about a person. Whether you are a sports fan, music lover, bookworm, or movie buff, hobbies serve as a window into your personality.

After spending ten years living in Grand Rapids and another nine in Portland, the city-slicker in me loves the trappings of city life: sushi bars, jazz clubs, a great men’s clothing store, art galleries, a well made cappuccino, and any excuse I can get to bring my wife out for live music and/or dancing.

Having said that, I grew up in the country while living in a small town near Lake Michigan. I enjoy many country-boy past times: hunting with my brother; camping with the family; fishing with my daughter. I like mountain climbing (I have summited 4 peaks), hiking and wandering the woods. I grow my own vegetables for food and maintain a small orchard.

My wife and I are big concert-goers. There is nothing like a great rock concert to get our blood pumping. Over the years we have seen hundreds of different bands and met a dozen different rockstars.

I have traveled a fair amount. I have been to most of the lower 48 states and seen many of our nation’s greatest natural wonders and cities. Beyond our borders, I have explored Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and Japan.

From the time I was a boy, I have had a strong interest in politics, world history & religion. I frequently scour the internet and bookstores for my latest fix as a political junkie.

As most people of my generation and profession, I grew up on a healthy diet of comic books, video games, sci-fi movies and episodes of Star Trek. Fortunately, my wife is not the typical woman – she shares in many of these guilty pleasures. In some cases she even exceeds me.

You may have noticed a lack of interest in sports. Nothing personal sports fans, it’s just not my cup of tea. Although there are a few exceptions: I do enjoy a good round of golf from time to time, watching my daughter play soccer, watching an MMA fight and playing Paintball.

You get the idea.

Paul Ward
Paul Ward
Owner / Designer / Developer / Project Manager

As leader of Media Mechanic, Paul sets the tone and direction of the company. He has built his career on creating successful digital solutions for his clients. As an award winning multimedia designer/developer with 18 years of experience, Paul has worked with high profile clients such as BASF, Amway, Ford Motors, CAT, USPS, Wolverine World Wide, Kawasaki Global and Roadrunner Records. He has also worked with numerous small to medium sized businesses, organizations, ad agencies and start-ups.

Business Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Conceptual Development, Digital Strategist, Creative Director, Designer, Programmer, Android & iOS Mobile Development Specialist

Favorite Software:
Android Studio, XCode, BBEdit, Coda, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ProTools, Cubase, Premier

PHP, C#, Objective C, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, UNIX Shell, ActionScript

Kendal College of Art & Design, Ferris State University

Field of Study:
Visual Communications, Multimedia & Computer Science

Fun Facts:
Paul is an Aikido Martial Arts instructor who runs West Linn Ki Aikido.