Website Application

Indow Windows Website Application

Indow Windows Website Application

In 2014, Portland, Oregon based Indow Windows hired Media Mechanic to rebuild their custom window insert estimation web application from scratch. Construction began in January of 2015.

The system is comprised of two primary components: MODI & MAPP.

MAPP is an Angular JS based system utilized remotely on laptops by Indow Window’s estimators in connection with a bluetooth powered laser measuring device to collect and calculate precise custom window measurements. The measurements are then synced with the main MODI website application.

MODI is a PHP & MySQL based website application that is used to generate quotes, estimates and orders while managing the entire manufacturing & shipping process.

Once an order is placed, MODI generates the appropriate CAD files used to create the custom window insert. Indow staff utilize the Fulfillment tools inside MODI to track all individual products from estimation to production to packaging to shipment.

Modi allows 3rd party distributors to manage their own orders along with individual home owners.

To this day, the Indow System is one of the most complicated pieces of software ever designed and built by Media Mechanic, requiring over 3000 man hours and a years worth of initial development.

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  • August 19, 2016
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