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Kids Maps: South America – iOS & Android app

The Kids Maps: South America App for iPad, iPhone, Kindle FIRE & Android tablets is intended to help kids as young as 2 years of age learn geography through fun, interactive, puzzle games which uses colorful artwork, voice, sound and animation to teach.

This is Media Mechanic’s own critically acclaimed game that reached the top 30 on iTunes shortly after release and was recognized by Google twice: “Google Staff Pick” and “Top 4 App for Tablets”. The game has received tens of thousands of downloads since release.

Collect all 5 games: United States; Europe; South & Central America; Asia; U.S. Regions for iPhone.

All 5 games include:

  • A complete map of South America
  • Fun factoids about each country
  • Capital cities of each country
  • Choice of background music
  • Difficulty settings to customize to the appropriate age group.
  • The ability to help kids develop motor skills and hand/eye coordination
  • The ability to help kids develop shape & color recognition skills
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Colorful state/country graphics, which utilize vivid primary colors & state abbreviations or country codes
  • A guided tutorial to help children learn the interface
  • Settings for alphabetical order (teaches children the letter a state/country starts with)
  • Settings for random order (includes fun sounding animations)
  • The ability to “skip” and grab a new puzzle piece (in random mode only)
  • “Hints” system which helps point children in the right direction
  • Encouraging messages to build confidence.
  • Voice on/off settings
  • Tips on/off settings
  • Fun “reset” feature which breaks the map into pieces again
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  • August 25, 2016
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