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My Food My Health Website Application

My Food My Health Website Application

My Food My Health has been a client of Media Mechanic‘s for nearly 6 years. They originally came to use to help maintain the existing website. However, they eventually had our team completely re-engineer the website from the ground up. Although the initial marketing site maintained it’s original look & feel (but with a brand new Content Manager under the hood), the Meal Planner and Subscription system received a complete visual and functional overhaul.

Utilizing a complex proprietary calculation method to determine the best recommended Meal Plan for a user based on their various known health conditions, physical profile, age, allergies and goals, users can plan out Meals with over 1800 different recipes. Meal planning is easy with a fun drag & drop card based interface inspired by Google Cards.

One of the more difficult tasks in this project was the migration of data. All recipes, ingredients, formulas, and it’s thousands of users had to be seamlessly migrated to the new system.

This web application was constructed utilizing Angular JS, PHP and MySQL on the CodeIgnitor MVC framework.

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  • August 17, 2016