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Pre-Approve Me iOS & Android App with Website

Media Mechanic was hired in 2013 by a Portland Oregon based Start-Up to develop the original version of the highly successful PreApproveMe app for iOS & Android. This system included a web administration that allowed the app owner to collect mortgage applications and submit pre-approval letters quickly. The system allowed for mortgage officers to be quickly connect with prospective home buyers to quickly facilitate the purchase of a home.

The iOS & Android app allowed prospective home owners to enter their financial information, the home purchase price, select a type of mortgage and calculate whether they would be approved for a loan. If they were approved it would auto-generate a pre-approval letter they could then show to the seller to make an offer on a home.

This app was so successful that the start-up developed into a full company with it’s own development team. As they have grown, they have now made their own clones of the app which are licensed to 3rd party mortgage brokers.

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  • August 21, 2016
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