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Mobile App Portfolio: Skyjuke for iOS and Android

Skyjuke for iOS & Android

In 2013, Media Mechanic built the SkyJuke mobile app for iOS & Android for a Seattle based start-up venture. The app was featured at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt in 2013 and received a very positive response.

SkyJuke works by giving users on the same WiFi network the ability to add songs from their phones to a shared playlist. The host of a local SkyJuke Network can choose to play the audio from the shared playlist out of either the host’s phone (Party Play) or all connected phones simultaneously (Group Play). With its social features, SkyJuke also acts as a local social network centered around experiencing / sharing music with your friends or whoever is nearby. Users can create profiles, text chat within the app, search and choose songs from other user’s phones, and vote songs to the top / bottom of the playlist. The host of a SkyJuke Network can ban users who cause trouble, skip over / remove songs from the playlist and create an open or private network.

The app was a technical challenge for the team, since at that time apps that allowed users to stream between their devices and share their entire song libraries on the fly were relatively new.

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  • August 21, 2016
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