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Yofima Mobile App Development

Yofima mobile app for iOS & Android

The Yofima mobile app for iOS and Android is currently pending official release to the public. The system is constructed with “Cross Platform” framework from Appcelerator. This new coding platform allows developers to build a single code-base that can then be exported to each of the desired platforms (iOS & Android), versus coding each app from the ground up and maintaining two separate code bases.

The Yofima app is extremely complex and contains numerous tools which allow the company to coordinate between hundreds of contract employees and hundreds of different clients. The app allows “Providers” (Yoga trainers, personal trainers and massage therapists) to track the progress of the clients, schedule appointments and communicate easily. Clients can find new providers, track their progress, rate providers, schedule appointments and pay their bills online.

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  • August 21, 2016
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