Social Media: MM now on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace

Media Mechanic now has business social media profile pages on Facebook, LinkedIN and MySpace. Become a fan, friend or linkup today! Visit the Media Mechanic profiles on Facebook, LinkedIN and MySpace

Web 2.0 services (such as social media sites, Ebay, Wikis, etc) are revolutionizing the way we communicate, advertise and do business online. MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIN are just 3 of the ever expanding new phenomenon known as Social Media. These user driven services allow people to create a free account, customize the look and feel of your page and then use a wide variety of tools to connect people to each other (such as blogs, calendars, friend links, pictures, profiles and more).

MySpace is the extremely popular website which brought social networking sites into the mainstream and a part of our daily lives. Used by individuals, groups, bands, schools, businesses and organizations, MySpace allows you to completely customized your profile page to look exactly how you like. So melding your company’s MySpace site into your current marketing campaign is a snap!

Facebook has become an important part of the Web 2.0 experience. Along with MySpace, it has rapidly become a new way to communicate your ideas through a vast array of social networking tools. It also allows people to create business and organization pages from their main account and then gives the user the ability to advertise through the Facebook network.

LinkedIN is a fantastic networking tool for business professionals looking to expand their network of contacts or develop new relationships and sales opportunities.

Does your company have a profile?