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Should you use WordPress or build a custom website?

So you are in the market for a new website.

The question is, should you build it from scratch or use something like WordPress to create it? Let’s outline a fairly generic scenario:

  1. You need a new website
  2. You are on a budget, so cost is an issue
  3. Functionality beyond just an “online brochure” is needed
  4. You want control of your website
  5. An eye catching design that looks professional is very important to you
  6. You don’t want to wait 6 months to launch it

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

MM and Paul Ward featured in July 13th WSJ

Today Media Mechanic founder Website Designer Paul Ward was featured for the cover article of the Wall Street Journal‘s Special Report section. The article is titled Sick and Getting Sicker and covers the effects of rising health care costs on small business. Paul was one of several business owners featured in the article. You can read the article by picking up a copy of the Wall Street Journal at your local bookstore or news stand. You can also read the article here: Sick Getting Sicker or by visiting the homepage of the Wall Street Journal Online.