US Postal Service, other new clients and more

We are proud to announce that MM has been chosen to assist the United States Postal Service on a new USPS CDROM. Also: welcome Keystone Business Solutions (of Tenn), Henkel Interactive(of Detroit) and Michigan First Realty to the growing list of Media Mechanic clients!

In partnership with Henkel Interactive, MM was chosen to develop a USPS CDROM. This CD’s objective is to create an interactive application which provides the user the ability to calculate shipping costs, shipping options, and then via a Java/XML/Flash based PDF creator/printer, generate a PDF report for the users records.

Keystone Business Solutions is a development firm based in Tennessee which focuses on custom application development. MM has become their source for Flash development needs. Special thanks to Jason Elkins!

Henkel Interactive is a Detroit based Interactive Project Management firm which locates resources in design, development, Flash, video and more to provide solutions for their clients. Media Mechanic has become HI’s go-to resource for advanced Flash PHP development.

Michigan First Realty is a real estate company based in Muskegon Michigan. The company is expanding onto the web to bring real estate solutions to their clients online.

Welcome to you all and thanks for the business!